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Black Balaclava FIA 8856-2018

Black Balaclava FIA 8856-2018


One point prevailed during the design of this new balaclava: Optimum fitment!
FIA 8856-2018 (exceeding significantly SFI certification)


one size fits all


Top Fit Balaclava features exclusive emerized fire resistant fabric that offers a breathable and soft feel with no itching feeling. Two layers in front, brushed inside. Edge to edge extra flat seams, pre-formed nose. Color: Natural white. 75% Aramid, 25% Viscose.

  • Technical Info

    • FIA 8856-2018 homologated and tagged
    • Made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and softness
    • Helps the perspiration process
    • Hole for drink straw or radio wiring
    • Color: Black
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