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What is the meaning of Stand 21?


We are asked this question all the time, and the meaning is quite simple.  Yves Morizot who in 1970 founded Stand 21, gave his company this name because of the industry he would revolutionize and geographical location where he put down roots.  "Stand" is translated into French as "Pit", "Pit Box" or more closely "Pit Stall".  The country of France is broken into numbered regions or sections called "Departements".  The Departement where Stand 21 was established and still headquartered today is the 21st, Côte-d'Or, and specifically in the Burgundy Capital, Dijon, France.  As a result, we have "Stand 21".


Why should I choose Stand 21?


Since 1970, thousands of the biggest names and teams in racing have chosen to partner with us for their technical and safety products.  Thousands more gentlemen/women and amateur drivers have also chosen to believe and trust their lives with our products.  Simply put, while many companies in the industry focus on marketing and apparel, we choose to invest profits into research and development and bringing continuous improvements to the safety industry.  Although racing safety has greatly decreased the risk of serious injury or fatality, there are still extreme risks in any form of motorsport. Our mission to eliminate this is still as crucial today as it was when Stand 21 was founded in 1970.  If you need more convincing, please see our company timeline HERE or call (714)375-0040 to speak with a Stand 21 safety specialist.


Can I order my own custom safety gear? Firesuit, Shoes, Gloves, Teamwear?


Of course! This is actually our core business and we love finding racers who are passionate about their car and want us to design and manufacture customized gear.  We have unlimited customization options and by choosing us you are investing in amazing technology, comfort and safety, to go with the one of a kind product you have us design.  We have representatives ready to work with you in over 25 countries and in the USA, Huntington Beach, California.  Although our only US office is on the west coast, we have safety specialists who travel every weekend to the racetrack promoting Stand 21 safety products.  If you would like more information about our custom products, please call us at (714)375-0040 to get connected with a specialized personal rep or design your own products at 


I have my own racing shop, I want to sell your products to my customers...Do you sell through distributors?


Stand 21 North America is a factory direct importer and franchise.  We are the only company in the United States and Mexico who has the full right to sell ALL Stand 21 products. However, Stand 21 North America has reserved the right for select distributors to sell their products if the fit is found.  Stand 21 is extremely unique for its custom sizing and design customization and as such, it is not a product that is easy to carry and sell like some of our competitors.  If you feel you are a good fit to carry, promote and sell Stand 21 products in North America, please email and we will be happy to discuss your potential.


Payment and Shipping


We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) as forms of payment.  We will ship anywhere in the world but require customers outside the United States to contact us at beforehand to discuss order details like shipping, customs and duties fees that may apply.


Returns & Refunds


Please read our REFUND POLICY, for complete details.  We will always try to work with the customer to ensure satisfaction.  We will be fair when it comes to helping ensure the proper size products are ordered but we ask the customer contact us beforehand if they have any doubts.  We will not be responsible for shipping costs on exchanges and cannot make any guarantees without prior discussion before order fulfillment.


How Do I Place an Online Order?


Please visit our Shop HERE to order any Stand 21 products.  You can shop by product family or even products we recommend for each form of motorsport.  If you have any trouble ordering online, we also accept phone or email orders by calling (714)375-0040 or emailing

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