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Stand 21 was established in Dijon-France over 45 years ago by Yves Morizot.  His vision made Stand 21 the world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. With over 150 employees worldwide, Stand 21 products are hand crafted within its own factories and exceed the most rigorous safety and medical standards required by the FIA, SFI, the SNELL Foundation, etc.


The company's mission to this day, under Yves' leadership, utilizes a business model that relies on feedback from racers in all forms of motorsport.  We constantly work with racers to help identify true racers needs, so that Stand 21's in house R&D department can conceive and develop products that will fill those needs.  While the solutions may sometimes go against traditional beliefs and/or require a substantial financial investment; Stand 21 believes that the easiest, cheapest and fastest solution is not the method they can afford to take, especially when their purpose and objective is to save driver lives on the racetrack.


Whether that racetrack is Le Mans or the wide open desert in BAJA Mexico, feedback from our thousands of customers has helped us develop and deliver the most technologically advanced safety products the racecar driver has ever known.  None of this comes without a cost however, and we trust every customer or potential customer can understand this fact. Stand 21 may not be the least expensive product, but you can feel confident in your racecar knowing no expense was spared in the development or manufacturing of your personal safety equipment. 


Another difference between Stand 21 and other safety companies is that we sell our products through our own exclusive distribution network around the world.  Where the typical safety dealer might sell a driver on price or color/style, Stand 21 factory reps around the world will sell technology and proper safety for the that drivers form of motorsport.  Whether you drive sports cars, vintage cars, dragsters, off-road trucks, or the hundreds of other types of racing vehicles, Stand 21 has a unique ability in its network to fit a customer in a proper fitting made to measure helmet, suit, gloves, shoes, HANS and more.  We are a one-stop shop for all personal driver safety equipment!


We truly thank our customers for putting their lives in the hands of our equipment and know the quality and craftsmanship makes them proud and confident to wear it!


In recent years, with the success Stand 21 has enjoyed, Yves Morizot decided to bring together the amazing network of doctors, professors, scientists in motorsport research that we have collaborated with to create the Racing Goes Safer non-profit foundation.  The foundation is a great resource for all racers to learn more about motorsport safety and performance.  We encourage everyone to visit them and learn more HERE.

To read more about our history, and learn about our many innovations and contributions to motorsport, please CLICK HERE.



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