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Black "Lid-Lifter" Balaclava

Black "Lid-Lifter" Balaclava


The retrieval of a driver from his crashed car is an extremely delicate operation to be performed solely by professionals.  Removal of the drivers helmet is the first step of extrication and first aid.


To minimize the risk of damage to the cerebral vertebrae, Stand 21 developed with medical motor racing experts( Dr. Jean Duby, Dr. Terry Trammell , Dr. Paul Trafford, Dr. Claude Meistelman, Dr. John Melvin and others ) the patented "Lid-Lifter" head sock. It is as simple and reliable in its design as the HNR & FHR devices.

NHRA and IMSA, two top sanctioning bodies in the United States of America, have embraced the concept of safe helmet extraction. Both mandate competitors in several classes to use one of two helmet extraction methods, including the "Lid-Lifter" balaclava.  Several other club and amateur level racing bodies have implemented or suggested in the rules to utilize the "Lid-Lifter".


Available in 2 sizes (head cm 54-57 or small, 58-65 or large)

  • Technical Info

    • FIA 8856-2000 (exceeding significantly SFI certification)
    • A revolution for your cervical vertebrae's sake
    • Made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and softness
    • Helps the perspiration process
    • Get both a small or larger opening from the same balaclava
    • 2 sizes available (54-57 small, >57 large)
    • Color: black with black handles
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