Daytona II Off Road Shoes

Daytona II Off Road Shoes

A larger shoe base compared to most racing shoes...


Our best selling and customer favorite racing boot!

Low cut shoes with the best quality fabric and features


All shoes come in euro sizing but see our sizing chart HERE for help converting your US size to Euro.  If you have questions about ordering the best size for your foot, please contact or call (714)375-0040.


  • Technical Info


    • Premium leather quality
    • Reinforced stiffer heel
    • Shock-absorbing heel
    • Offroad Sole for extra grip outside of the vehicle
    • Ergonomic and tailored-sole to offer the perfect feeling
    • Extra velcro-fastening strap offers firm hold by lacing up to ankle

       - FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 certified (SFI patch on request only; extra-cost)

    • European sizes from 36 to 47 or MTM
  • Options

    • Boots come standard with FIA hologram and certification, SFI 3.3/5 (SFI label upon request only - Extra cost)
    • MTM (Made-To-Measure) Option for those with wider or narrower feet, once ordered a Stand 21 safety specialist will contact you to verify the length and width you would like custom ordered.  Please allow 5 weeks for custom race shoes to arrive.