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Racesuit HangAir® Drying System

Racesuit HangAir® Drying System


The BEST way to dry your motorcycle leathers or firesuit!


Power dry your gear with the HangAir, a system that dries in hours, not days...

Using a built-in high powered fan, the HangAir dries your suit faster, slows the development of bad odors, and prolongs the life of your gear. Its strong structure and stainless steel hook can support up to 100 pounds!


The high-power waterproof fan is used to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds in mere hours. By maintaining equipment with the HangAir® Drying System you can enjoy the comfort of a freshly dried suit before every use.


Ideal for drying your suit after washing or in between race sessions on track.  While most people hang their suits in the sun, this is not recommended due to the damage the sun can do to the color and appearance.  Nomex firesuits especially, cannot be coated with UV protecting chemicals so the dyed Nomex fabric will fade with prolonged sun or moon exposure.  We always recommend customers hang dry their suits in a cool, dark place, and with the HangAir system, the process is sped up considerably.


Brushless fan motor does not generate ozone - healthy for firesuits!

High power waterproof fan pushes 120 cubic feet of air per minute

Made with 100% recycled plastic.

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