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(Standard Sizing)

We highly recommend that ladies consider ordering a made-to-measure suit that will comfortably follow each unique curve, providing the best fit possible. 

To order a Made-to Measure Suit . . . 

1. Download THIS PDF, and fill it out following the video instructions below:

  • ​Use a flexible/ cloth measuring tape with cm. and please be precise!

  • Do not adjust your measurements for any allowance; the factory will do it for you based on your requested fitting preference (Tight, Normal, Semi-Baggy, Baggy).

  • Stand straight, wear thin clothing or nomex underwear (if available) and look forward with upright posture during the measurement process.

  • DO NOT MEASURE YOURSELF. Have someone do it for you.

2. Take full body photos (front, side, back, profile wearing nomex underwear or fitted clothes.

3. TO SUBMIT YOUR MEASURES: Either ENTER THEM HERE and attach photos or you can e-mail the completed measurement chart and photos to our Safety Specialists HERE.

4. After completing checkout of desired suit, a Stand 21 Safety Specialist will contact you within 1-2 business days to review your measurements and suit design proof. 

5. With your approval we will put your suit into production. (Your suit will not go into production without written approval via e-mail.)

6. In 4-6 weeks (depending on the time of year) your brand new handmade Stand 21 racing suit will arrive on your doorstep. 


Thank you for your trust in Stand 21 Racewear. Your safety is our passion!

Follow these video instructions to take your measurements . . . 

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