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(Standard Sizing)

To order a Made-to Measure Helmet . . . 

1. Follow the video instructions above to measure head circumference:

  • ​Use a flexible/ cloth measuring tape with cm. and please be precise!

  • If you race with a balaclava, please take measurements wearing one.

  • DO NOT MEASURE YOURSELF. Have someone do it for you.

2. Take head photos (front, side, back, and top). SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.

3. E-Mail the head circumference measurement and PHOTOS to our Safety Specialists HERE.

4. After completing checkout of desired helmet, a Stand 21 Safety Specialist will contact you within 2-3 business days to review your measurements and helmet to complete your order

5. In 1-4 weeks (depending on helmet model selected) your brand new handmade Stand 21 helmet will arrive on your doorstep. 


Thank you for your trust in Stand 21 Racewear. Your safety is our passion!

Follow these video instructions to take your measurements . . . 

Submit these photos with your Made-to-Measure order. . . 

Head Circumferance Photos






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