SFI-20 Air-S Drag Racing Suit! (Level A Design)

The Air-S Drag SFI-20 firesuit is a favorite for any racer needing to wear SFI-20!

We only believe in making the safest possible firesuit, so our suit is only made in 1-piece...


The Air-S Drag Racing Suit utilizes our exclusive ultra-breathable and flexible Nomex fabric and construction.  The shape of the suit uses double the measurements of traditional Stand 21 suits to closely follow the shape of the body, but with your fitting preference, we can make a suit to fit anyone, whether 150lbs or 350lbs.  This suit is a result of Stand 21's commitment to constant improving through research and development.  We had already designed and engineered the most popular SFI-20 drag racing suit in NHRA pro ranks in 2009, but we knew we could make it better.  With feedback from top professionals, we were able to redesign all aspects and decrease the total weight by up to 30%, without sacrificing the safety or comfort our suits had built a reputation for.

Easily Design your own here with one of three pre-selected designs, or contact us to design your own.  We know you won't regret it!


How to build your own suit:


1. Choose one of the pre-selected designs above (Colors in sample designs above are to show the different suit zones that can change to your color choice.)

2. Select the colors you want for the base of the suit, accent stripes, cuffs and stretch material on lower back and arm gussets.

3. Add to your cart and complete checkout.

4. Fill out the measurement chart and instructions HERE (No additional cost for custom size vs. standard size!)

5. A Stand 21 specialist will contact you within 1-2 business days with instructions to submit your measures and they will finalize your design with you to approve. At this point, you can add any additional suit options or logos at extra costs.

6. With your approval, we will put your suit into production. (Suit will not go into production without written approval via email after logos and design are finalized.)

7. In 4-6 weeks (depending on the time of year) a brand new handmade Stand 21 racing suit will arrive at your doorstep for you to enjoy! Thank you for your trust in Stand 21, your safety is our business!

  • Technical Info

    • SFI 3.2A Level 20 homologated and tagged
    • 7 layers
    • 1 Piece firesuit
    • Includes arm-restraints and bootcut (also can be remove if undesired)
    • Lycra/aramid floating sleeves
    • pAIRformance®: stretchable, multidirectional material
    • Pre-formed sleeves
    • Applied pockets
    • Front waist belt
  • Options

    MTM (Made-To-Measure) for those who want a fully custom sized firesuit.  MTM includes:

    • Custom size
    • Name & flag embroidery on belt (If desired not mandatory)
    • Once ordered a Stand 21 specialist will contact you to verify all measures and any additional suit options requested.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your handmade custom suit to arrive. (If needed sooner, rush possible on request for additional fee)


    Additional Suit Options:

    • Bootcut style pants INCLUDED IN PRICE (If desired not mandatory)
    • Arm-restraints for INCLUDED IN PRICE (If desired not mandatory)
    • Cool shirt port for tube exit on either left or right torso for $120
    • Logos embroidered or printed on suit (please email info@stand21na.com logos for quote)
Choose Size (MTM included in price)
Design Choice
Base Color Choice (see photos above of fabric)
Accent Color Choice (see photos above of fabric)
Cuff Color (see photos above of fabric)
Stretch Material Color (arm gussets & lower back)

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