IVOS Double Duty- FIA 8859-2015/SA 2015

IVOS Double Duty- FIA 8859-2015/SA 2015


Use the visor in an open cockpit and the peak in a closed cockpit.


- Made-to-measure comfort (adjustable and replaceable pads)
- Ultra Lightweight 100% carbon-fiber shell technology

- EPP (Expanded Polypropylene memory foam) inner liner for ultimate head protection
- Optimal HANS®' fitment (FIA8858-2010 M6 Terminal built into shell)
- Outstanding impact absorption, certified by SNELL & the FIA
- Highest inner airflow circulation possible
- A very broad vision field
- Can be adapted to nearly all automobile racing classes

- Handmade in France at our factory providing unique and exclusive craftsmanship

  • Technical Info

    • Full carbon shell
    • Kermel (aramid) inner padding
    • 3mm polycarbonate visor, fire and impact tested
    • EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) liner for a longer life
    • FIA 8859-2015 certified
    • SA 2015 homologated
    • Sizes : from 57 to 64 and made to measure MTM
    • Stock Color: unpainted - clear-coated carbon fiber

    Delivered with:
    - 1 peak
    - 1 clear visor
    - 1 mounting kit

  • Options

    • IMSA Style 4 conductor radio on right or left side, with 3.5mm earbud jack installed on the exterior of the shell. (Most common)
    • NASCAR Style 3 conductor radio on right or left, with 3.5mm earbud jack installed on shell, but please call (714) 375-0040 before ordering.  This is an uncommon radio in most racing and we prefer to confirm with customer.
    • Integrated drink tubing can be installed into helmets for additional fee, please contact info@stand21na.com after ordering to confirm size and style
    • MTM (Made-To-Measure) with additional $100 fee, Using front, side, rear and top head photos and head circumference, we can build your helmet with custom sized adjustable paddings or fully custom one-piece, fitted interior padding (see helmet customization section) 

    Please call (714) 375-0040 for quote on additional helmet accessories, custom painting and options 

IMSA Style Radio Option (+$220)

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